As of Monday, October 16, 2017, Diverse Stock Photos is now RepresentationMatters.me! The new name reflects DSP's expanded purpose: giving underrepresented voices a platform to sell both stock photos and artwork.


The new site includes an improved Favorites system, the ability to buy physical prints, and a better navigation and user interface.

Better yet, the site is the technical foundation that gives us the ability to take contributors, so as soon as the last touches are put on the contributor backend after site launch, you'll see the offerings expand fast.

We'll be giving a platform to minorities of all kinds to showcase and sell both their stock images and original artwork. I'm really excited and grateful to be able to offer this!


On Monday, October 23, the DSP site will begin redirecting to representationmatters.me.


If you have outstanding credits, you'll receive an email this week with instructions on how to move them to the new site. If you'd like help moving over your Favorites to the new site or have questions, just email lindley@representationmatters.me.


Become a Contributor

Spread some love, make the world a better place -- and get paid to do it.

Unlike most of the mainstream stock image sites, we've got motives beyond profit margin, which means caring about contributors. We want you to make a living wage too, so you get a stunning 50% profit share. That increases to a staggering 60% if you license your images exclusively with Diverse Stock Photos!

(One of the world's largest stock image sites, in comparison, offers  photographer royalties of 15-35 percent. Woohoo.)

As a Diverse Stock Photos contributor, you get:

  • Paid a royalty every time someone purchases the right to use one of your images
  • A complete contributor’s guide that walks you through choosing images, uploading, adding captions and tags, and promoting your work to get more sales
  • To be part of the internet’s best source for diverse and body positive artwork
  • To sell prints, magnets, phone cases and other items featuring your work, if you choose
  • Access to the Diverse Stock Photos community on Slack, where you can chat with other artists and get real-time help and feedback

We’re not quite ready for you just yet, so if you’d like to contribute, drop your name and email in the form below. You’ll get an email as soon as we open up contributions.

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Here’s how the contributor process works:

  1. Fill out the application form (we’ll let you know when it’s ready if you submit your email above).
  2. Include some samples of your best work.
  3. If your work is appropriate for the site, we’ll send you a welcome email with access to the Diverse Stock Photos Contributor Guide. (If not, we’ll still let you know – we won’t leave you hanging.)
  4. Upload your images to the site, give them appropriate descriptions and keywords, and enjoy being part of a vibrant community of ethical, body positive artists.

What We're Looking For

We’re currently seeking photos, illustrations, artwork, vectors and videos on these topics:

  • People with non-mainstream bodies  (anyone who’s not white, thin and able-bodied)
  • Health at every size, joyful movement, and intuitive eating
  • People of all ages, especially larger children and all kinds of older folks
  • People of all genders, particularly non-binary and transgender folks
  • People of all ethnicities, especially those with darker skin
  • People of all faiths, particularly those whose faith is readily apparent in images
  • People living with disabilities: physical, mental, invisible and visible
  • People in friendships and loving relationships of all kinds
  • People of all kinds in their daily lives, at home and at work
  • Diverse groups and teams at work, in social settings, and having fun
  • Positive, social media-friendly original quotes and sayings in editable formats
  • Body positive printables
  • Seasonal and holiday images that include people (think outside the box – there are many under-represented holidays!)
  • Conceptual images that help illustrate any related topic, especially the issues that people who are discriminated against face
  • Pins, buttons, brooches, jewelry, and other physical items that celebrate diverse bodies, people and experiences (you'll need to fulfill these yourself)

Sorry, But....

Topics we’re not currently seeking:

  • Most nature, landscape and flower photos that don’t include people
  • People who are thin and white and able-bodied (they already have plenty of representation)
  • Headless fatties, or anyone without a head (with rare exceptions)
  • Any photos taken with a cellphone or smartphone
  • Arm's-length selfies
  • Images that consist of a single word – get creative!

Don't Even Think About It

Subjects we never accept:

  • Fat, weight or other body shaming
  • Women laughing while eating salad
  • Glorification of dieting, weight loss, “clean eating” or “lifestyle changes”
  • Significant amounts of blood or gore; significant injuries or wounds
  • Objectification of anyone, sexual or otherwise
  • Crude, offensive or bigoted images
  • Drawings of celebrities (or anyone else without a model release)


Dot the I's and Cross the T's

Since we want customers to a) have a great experience here at Diverse Stock Photos and b) keep coming back, we do insist on a few quality standards for uploads. All images must:

  • Comply with all content guidelines in the Contributor’s Guide
  • Be at least 2,000 pixels on the short side
  • You must own the copyright
  • Be accompanied by a signed model release for each person shown in the image

Images with these issues will be declined:

  • Missing or incorrect file extensions
  • Misleading, missing or spammy captions or keywords
  • Unconverted fonts, fills or strokes, or open shapes
  • Duplicate uploads
  • Auto-traced or clearly derivative work
  • Logos or copyrighted or trademarked materials in view
  • Missing or forged model release

Be the first to contribute when the doors open

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